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GPS Resellers

Interested in working with EZ Fleet Tracking as a GPS Reseller?

This is not only an exciting opportunity, but profitable as well. GPS tracking technology is still considered to be under-used and under-appreciated in many industries across every city in the U.S. Couple that with EZ Fleet’s experience, business model and reseller support and you’ve got a win-win.

As a GPS tracking reseller, the idea is to capture long term customers who will keep using your services. We give you access to an exciting business model that you can customize, such as:

  • Setting your own margins on device sales

  • Monthly subscription fees

  • Activation and installation fees

  • Cutting edge GPS technology that maintains your customer base

It only takes one time for your customer to experience the powerful benefits of our system for them to appreciate it and continue purchasing additional units and services.

Please fill out the following information and we will contact you.

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Become a GPS Reseller

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