Why become a reseller for EZ Fleet?

  • Our target market of small to medium fleets is only 30% penetrated. Therefore there are still a large number of greenfield opportunities for fleet tracking and there are no areas in North America where the market is saturated.
  • Our model emphasizes “the power of local’, the availability of a local representative to meet with the customer, understand their needs and propose a solution that will generate immediate ROI.
  • We have outstanding devices engineered by an experienced US-based team, including the first fleet tracking device running 4G and cutting edge software with all features required for today's fleet managers and owners.
  • You control all the aspects of your business
    • Pricing – hardware, activation, installation, monthly service.
    • Branding – yours or ours.
    • Delivering installation (leveraging our network), billing and customer support.
  • You'll get strong support from us including an extensive knowledge library and sales collateral, market development funds and technical support.
  • We have years of experience with Distributors and have helped many create very profitable businesses.

Tell us a little about yourself and someone from our Partner team will reach out and talk to you about the exciting possibilities with EZ Fleet!.