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AI-Powered Video Telematics

The New Standard for Fleet Safety

Protect your Fleet while lowering costs

  • Advanced, real-time
    vision processing
  • Event-based notifications 
  • In-cab driver alerts 
  • AI-powered driver scoring

Powerful Edge Processing


See exactly what occurred on the road, in the cab and know where it happened

Edge processing identifies only those events that you are concerned about

Seamlessly Integrated Video and Telematics


Seamlessly plugs into the telematics gateway with no complex configuration

Synchronize vehicle diagnostics data and GPS for a fully integrated video and fleet management solution 

Gain insights and understanding
of what occurs in the field


*No animals were harmed in the making of this video*

Sometimes harsh brake events are justified

Notable events, whether triggered by the camera or the telematics gateway are recorded for review

Technical Features

  • Wide range of IOs

  • High speed WiFi hotspot

  • Enterprise grade security 

  • High speed Global LTE Cat-4

  • ​​High-capacity edge processor

  • Infrared LED for low light video

  • Built-in speaker for in-cab alerts

  • HD road and cabin facing cameras

  • Electronic Logging Device (ELD) support

  • Accelerometer based driver behavior analysis

  • Bluetooth Low Energy for peripherals and ELD

  • Advanced ignition sense and tow/tamper detection

  • Dual CAN interface, light and heavy duty vehicle support

  • Precise GPS tracking with high frequency / live tracking and curve fitting support

View our GPS tracking solution in action

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