GPS tracking solutions have several key components.
  1. GPS Device - A purpose-built device with integrated GPS and accelerometer to record location and driving behavior. The device software (firmware) is programmed to send data to our cloud as often as every few seconds. The device is also smart, going to sleep when the vehicle is not in use and buffering the data when out of coverage.
  2. Cellular Network - A cellular communications network is used to securely transfer location and other vehicle information into the cloud.
  3. Device Manager - A device manager is used for remote configuration of devices. Device firmware can be updated remotely and the device can be reconfigured to, for example, collect data more or less frequently.
  4. Administration Server - The administration console is used to provision new devices and ensure the system is operating properly.
  5. User Interface - A user interface that Fleet Managers and Owners can use to locate their vehicles, analyze routes, review driver behavior and manage geo-fences and landmarks.

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How does GPS Tracking work?

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Overview of GPS Fleet Tracking System
Fuel consumption decreases 20%

Reduce Fuel Usage

Driver Compliance = Less Miles.

Fleet Management solutions have been shown to create a better compliance environment, limiting unnecessary driving, moonlighting and unauthorized driving behaviors. Fleet owners typically report fuel savings of 20% in the first month of use. These savings are persistent.

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Reduce Fuel and Maintenance Costs by Reducing Idle Time.

Slower Drivers are Profitable for your Business.

IMprove Fleet Performance

Improved Productivity = More Revenue.

With improved driver compliance, our customers report improvements in productivity of 5-10%. Knowing that you can review driver routing and driver behavior in real time or after the fact, inefficient driver behavior like excessive time between jobs, unauthorized travel and moonlighting can be reduced.

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Improve Driver Behavior with GPS Fleet Tracking

Productivity Increase
EMS vehicle

Increase Driver Safety

Location Awareness = Piece of Mind

In the event of an accident or other emergency, the location of the vehicle can be provided to first responders to speed their dispatch to the scene.

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GPS Tracking Improves Drivers Safety

Reduce Insurance Costs

Theft avoidance = Lower Premiums

Many insurance companies offer insurance reductions with the installation of GPS tracking devices because of the quick recovery possible in the event of a theft. Avoiding just one vehicle theft or limiting the damage after a theft can pay for the cost of a Fleet Management system for the entire fleet.

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Reduce Insurance Costs with GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS Tracking for Theft Mitigation and Recovery

Save Money
Happy Customer

Deliver Better Customer Service

Informed Customers = Happy Customers

Better dispatch means more often meeting schedule appointments on time. With a real time view of the location of your fleet, your team can be dispatched to deal with changes in the schedule or emergencies. Customers can also be provided with ETAs through integration with workforce management software. 

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Improve Customer Satisfaction with GPS Fleet Tracking

Stolen Vehicle REcovery

Pointpoint GPS = Quick Recovery 

Using geo-fencing technology built into EZ Fleet, you can easily identify vehicles that are moving when they shouldn’t be or move beyond a pre-defined area. If you discover that vehicle is stolen you can give its exact position to authorities, making it more likely that you’ll recover the vehicle and recover it in good condition.

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Reduce Insurance Costs with GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS Tracking for Theft Mitigation and Recovery

Police recovering vehicle
Increase ROI

Strong ROI

Many Benefits = Easy Decision

  • Almost all large fleets are using GPS tracking/fleet management solutions because the benefits are many and significant. With functionality increasing and prices decreasing, small fleets are now able to enjoy the same benefits at a fraction of the price of similar systems offered just a few years ago.
  • While there are many benefits that are difficult to quantify since they vary so much fleet to fleet, two benefits are always experience by companies that deploy GPS tracking solutions: 1) Reduction in Fuel Expense and 2) Improved productivity. Just these two benefits easily pay for the initial and monthly costs of our solution in the first month. The other benefits described are incremental.

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ROI Calculator

Return on Investment for GPS Fleet Tracking

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