GPS tracking solutions for assets function in much the same way as vehicle tracking solutions with the same 5 components.

  1. GPS Device - A purpose-built device with integrated GPS. The device may often include an accelerometer to record events where the asset experiences an unexpected event (eg. Hard breaking, rough handling, etc). The device software (firmware) is programmed to send data to our cloud. In asset monitoring applications data is usually sent at a lower frequency than for fleet applications although that is not always the case. The device is also smart, going to sleep when not moving and buffering the data when out of coverage. In the case of unpowered assets, the device will have a long lasting battery and power consumption will be carefully managed to extend the useful life as much as possible. All weather casings can also be added.
  2. Cellular Network - A cellular communications network is used to securely transfer location and other vehicle information into the cloud.
  3. Device Manager - A device manager is used for remote configuration of devices. Device firmware can be updated remotely and the device can be reconfigured to, for example, collect data more or less frequently
  4. Administration Server - The administration console is used to provision new devices and ensure the system is operating properly.
  5. User Interface - A user interface that managers can use to locate their assets, analyze routes and set alerts.

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System overview Asset Tracking
truck trailer parking in lot


Better Location = Better Asset Utilization 

Locate assets, trace movements and identify underutilized assets. Most managers find significant opportunities to improve the utilization of assets, reducing capital expenditures for new assets.

Theft Mitigation/Recovery

Quick Location = Quick Return

Solutions can be designed to discretely attach devices to high value assets, allowing for instant location in the event of loss or theft.

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GPS Tracking for Theft Mitigation and Recovery

Police pulling over truck
Refrigerated Truck

Tracking Plus Temperature Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring = Piece of Mind

EZ Fleet has introduced an asset tracking device with integrated temperature monitoring for those applications where verifying storage temperature is required or important – pharmaceutical and food transport are typical applications.

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