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Your Company is Only as Good as its Reputation. Protect your reputation with GPS Tracking!

Posted by Jen Langan

GPS tracking can protect your employees, your company’s reputation and credibility. 

In one scenario, one of our landscaping customers recently had an employee accused of stealing a UPS package while out on the job. This was a reputable employee and the company couldn’t believe he would steal from any of their clients. They didn’t know what to do. Then they thought of their GPS tracking solution.

They reached out to the client and asked for more details. What time did the package go missing and what time did they arrive home? UPS delivered the package at 3:31 PM and the client got home around 6:30 PM. Using the EZ Fleet GPS tracking solution, the company pulled up the trip reports for that specific employee. The trip reports proved that the employee had been at the client’s house between 8:29 AM and 9:11 AM. The company also had landmarks set up around each of their client’s homes. Using the landmark history report which shows entry and exit of all landmarks, they saw that for the rest of the day no other trucks entered that landmark. Going one step further, using the location history they found that after the employee left the client’s house, there was no truck within 15 miles of the house with the missing package for the rest of the day. Seeing that it couldn’t have been the employee the customer apologized at the company kept their upstanding reputation.

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In another instance the EZ Fleet GPS tracking solution upheld a security company’s credibility. In a gated community that the security company monitored, two homeowners complained that the security company was not patrolling the community often enough, and when they did, they weren’t patrolling every street.  The company set up the gated community as a landmark, and within the landmark they set up smaller landmarks to specifically cover the streets the homeowners complained were not being patrolled. Once again with the use of EZ Fleet’s reporting the security company was able to prove that their employees were in fact patrolling the gated community and every street within it.

These are just a few examples of the many ways EZ Fleet GPS tracking solution can maintain the strong reputation your company has worked so hard to build. Don’t delay, learn more about protecting it today!

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