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Tips to Stay Safe and Efficient with GPS Tracking this Fourth of July

Posted by Jen Langan

The Fourth of July – time with friends, family, BBQs, relaxation and fireworks. The holiday also means more people out on the road, so it is important drivers take extra care during the holiday week.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of the GPS tracking system and stay safe during the holiday.

Plan ahead

The highways will be more crowded than normal this week. According to AAA, 46.9 Americans will travel over 50 miles away from their homes. The extra vehicles on the roads means more traffic. Plan your routes ahead of time and optimize them based on traffic, avoiding major highways when you can.

It’s also likely that many of your employees have taken additional time off this week for the holidays. Using the trip events report you can plan ahead and see which trips need to be covered by another vehicle/driver.

Expect there will be traffic and make sure your drivers give themselves ample time to get to their job site instead of having them rushing. Speed and driver behavior alerts help you manage and encourage safe driving habits for your drivers.  Safe Driving Saves Money!

Prevent unauthorized movements and theft

Unauthorized movement alerts let you know when one of your vehicles is being driven after hours or an asset is being moved with no power. Your driver might want to take the company vehicle to a BBQ after working hours, and if they do you’ll know with this alert.

Or maybe a thief might see the holiday as a good opportunity to steal one of your assets. Knowing that it is a holiday, and no one will be on the jobsite. Unauthorized movement alerts let you know immediately if any of your assets are at risk.  

GPS Tracking for Theft Mitigation and Recovery

Keep cool

Most of the US will have sunshine and high temps throughout the week. It’s important that your employees stay hydrated with plenty of water. Because of the increased temps your drivers may be tempted to leave the vehicles on to run the A/C. While you want them to stay cool, it’s also important that you monitor and eliminate unnecessary idling.

Reduce Your Vehicle Fuel Consumption by Monitoring and Reducing Idle Time

With idle alerts you set the threshold and you’ll know instantly if a vehicle has been idling longer than the time you set. Instead of running the A/C encourage your drivers to find a shaded area for their breaks and rolling the windows down to feel the breeze.

Enjoy the holiday and make sure you promote safety and get the most out of your GPS Tracking solution!

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