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Throw Out the White Board! Automate Your Reminders

Posted by Jen Langan

Many companies still rely on white boards to track the upcoming maintenance reminders related to the vehicles in their fleet. Or they have a separate system or location that monitors maintenance. Or maybe they rely on drivers to report the mileage on the vehicle. With EZ Fleet GPS Tracking you can monitor your fleet and associated reminders all in one place, completely automated!

With EZ Fleet GPS you can automate any reminders. These reminders can range from any of your regular service needs such as an oil change to routine check-up even to reminding you when it’s time to renew a vehicle’s registration. That’s right, you can set a reminder based on miles, such as how many miles driven on the vehicle until the tires need to be rotated, a reminder based on engine hours, such as an engine check every 100 miles, and a reminder based on time, such as when to change an air filter or battery.

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And with the combined power of idle reports and maintenance alerts you could save your vehicles from premature engine damage. Ford Motor Company found that one hour of idle time is equivalent to 33 miles of driving. That means for each hour your vehicles idle, 33 miles may be missing from the mileage indicating it’s time for the vehicles next maintenance. By running idle reports, you can determine which vehicles idle the most and help that driver cut back on idle time. The idle reports can also help you more accurately track when a vehicle is due for service. If one vehicle has high idle times, you can factor in additional miles for every hour and schedule the next maintenance based on that. Schedule a maintenance alert reminder and stay ahead of potential engine damage!

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Make your life easier with one less thing to remember with EZ Fleet GPS Tracking.

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