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The Power of Maintenance Alerts

Posted by Jen Langan

Your Fleet is the life blood of your company revenue and the costs associated with the company vehicle are very high and directly affect your bottom line. By performing preventative maintenance on your vehicles at regular intervals, the outcome is reliable vehicles and avoiding the big expensive maintenance costs.

GPS tracking solutions like EZ Fleet offer customizable maintenance alerts can be set at the maintenance thresholds that you desire. You can get email reminders when vehicles are due for service. This can be from simple oil change reminders to a full range of reminders:

  • Maintenance Alert Reminders
    • Oil change at 5000 mile intervals
    • Check Tire Pressure every Month.
    • Check brakes every 15,000 miles
    • Clean Air filter every 2 months
    • Check Hydraulics on lift gate every 6 months
    • Perform “major service” every 30,000 miles (i.e. coolants, full inspection of vehicle etc.)

When you consider the cost of fuel, tires, oil and vehicle parts it is important to keep the vehicle in top shape to avoid the big costs that typically arise in an unmaintained vehicle.

For example, something as simple as checking the tire pressure will save you both fuel costs and typically extend the life of the tire. A tire that is only a few pounds under the pressure can cost you around 1.2% in fuel, and an underinflated tire will wear faster. A tire that is over inflated will actually save you in fuel, but in the long run, an over inflated tire wears much faster and will cost you more in tires than the fuel you saved. If you wait until the tire pressure light comes on, it’s too late, by that time you’ve already wasted fuel and started excessive tire wear. Tire pressure should be checked monthly.

So give us a call today and we can help you improve your bottom line through maintenance alerts with our EZ Fleet GPS tracking system.

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