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Take Fuel Savings to the Next Level with GPS Tracking and Fuel Card Integration

Posted by Jen Langan

Companies looking at installing a GPS tracking solution typically say one of the biggest driving factors is they are looking to save money on fuel costs. Fuel costs for an entire fleet of vehicles adds up quickly. The EZ Fleet GPS tracking solution has several ways to help monitor and reduce fuel consumption. But even better, EZ Fleet GPS also integrates with a nationwide fuel card solution accepted at 98% of gas stations nationwide. This integration makes it dramatically easier to track and control your fuel expenses, while giving you the information needed to make better business decisions for you and your employees.

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This integrated solution will provide you with complete visibility of one of your most expensive operating costs. In fact, according to studies from Automotive Fleet, fleets who use a fuel card save an average of 15% on their fuel costs over those that do not.  Our integrated Fleet Tracking/Fuel Reporting functionality provides additional business intelligence such as: Location Discrepancies, Fuel Quantity Discrepancies and Fuel Type Discrepancies. Pair that with the 15% fuel card savings and your overall cost savings will likely be 25-30%! 

This collective solution will give you peace of mind that your employees can never misuse fuel cards and eliminate the need to track down last month’s fuel receipts. If there’s cheaper fuel a mile down the road, you’ll know about it. If an employee is paying too much for fuel, you’ll see it. You decide who can purchase what, when and how much. This will save you not only money but time!

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