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Ease Your Summer Fuel Costs (And Beyond!) with a Fuel Card

Posted by Ashley Payne

Summer is right around the corner, and with the arrival of the season also comes with increased road traffic and the rising cost of fuel.  If you’re running a Small Business, every dollar counts!  According to Gasbuddy.com, the current National Average for Regular Fuel as of May 2019 is $2.845/gallon and continues to rise as the weather gets warmer. 

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Cupid’s Perfect Match: Flowers and GPS Tracking

Posted by Jen Langan

Valentine’s Day means romantic dinners, chocolates and of course flowers. Lots of fresh flower deliveries all across the nation. According to the National Retail Federation, 35% of the projected $19.6 billion dollars spent on Valentine’s day will be spent on flowers. That’s a lot of deliveries! More deliveries occur on Valentine’s Day than any other day throughout the year. With that many deliveries to manage, every florist needs a GPS Tracking solution. Florists + GPS Tracking = Cupid’s Perfect Match!

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GPS Tracking Improves Driver Safety

Posted by Jen Langan

We talk a lot about how GPS tracking increases productivity generally because the people who are thinking of purchasing a system want to know how the initial investment can save them money. So, we spend a lot of time explaining how a GPS tracking system can pay for itself in as little as one month of use through improved productivity, reduced fuel costs and lower insurance rates. But, there are also driver safety impacts that are important.

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