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Spring is in the Air! How GPS Tracking Helps Landscape Companies

Posted by Jen Langan

The weather is finally starting to get warmer and the sun is shining longer. That means the grass will need mowing and the hedges will need trimming. As we move into Spring more landscape companies are out on the road.

GPS Tracking is a great solution for all landscaping companies and here’s why:

  • Improve customer service with accurate arrival times
  • Save money by eliminating wasted fuel
  • Always know where your equipment and vehicles are located
  • Prevent theft of valuable equipment
  • Improve maintenance timeline for your vehicles with automated alerts
  • Reduce idle costs with alerts to turn off the trucks when they aren’t in use

One of our customers owns his own landscaping business and has 6 different vehicles, each equipped with a lot of equipment, and a crew of 25 people. He added our GPS Tracking solution to his fleet last year and was able to add 6 new customers! The dispatch and route optimization feature allowed him to plan the fastest routes for each of his crews, saving them a lot of time in between jobs. The extra time meant they could fit in additional customers. One of their customers was so impressed with the accuracy of their arrival time she referred them to her neighbor. The owner also saved a lot of money on fuel when he discovered some of the crews left the trucks running to cool down with A/C when they weren’t driving. The tracking device even helped recover an attempted theft of one of his vehicles full of equipment. He was alerted of an unauthorized movement and the police were able to prevent his equipment from being stolen.

Start saving money by reducing your fuel consumption and increasing your customer base today!

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