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Save Time and Money! How GPS Tracking Will Improve Your Daily Business Operations

Posted by Jen Langan

There’s a lot that goes into running a business smoothly and efficiently. GPS Tracking can help you better manage your day to day activities giving you extra time to focus on the bigger picture. Here’s just some of the ways to increase efficiency:

  1. Optimize Routes

EZ Fleet’s user interface allows you to choose the best route for your drivers. Simply type the destination into the site and click go! This gets your drivers to the next site a quickly as possible which will allow them to fit more jobs in one day.

  1. Real-time Dispatch

Not only can our system plan the best route, but they can dispatch the nearest driver in real-time. That means you won’t need anyone to call each driver and see where they are just to figure out who is closest. Simply look on the map, select the closest driver and instantly send them the job location and turn by turn directions that get them their the fastest.

  1. Automate Time Sheets and Payroll

You can utilize automated reports that verify when an employee arrived at a job site and when they left, serving as them punching in and out for the day. You will know where your employees are and whether they are running personal errands while on the clock. Export these automated reports and use them as the employees’ time sheets. Save time by not having to track down your employees and verify their hours on handwritten records.

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  1. Integrate Existing Software with API

Our API is built so that you can easily integrate with your existing software. Some current integrations include waste management software, workforce management, construction management, field and home service management and more! Integrating your software will reduce the number of steps needed to complete a project.

  1. Reduce Insurance Costs

By monitoring your drivers’ behavior, they are more likely to drive safer which reduces the amount of necessary maintenance on your vehicles and the likelihood of a crash. And in the event any of your vehicles get stolen, the GPS solution can help you get back that vehicle and avoid costly insurance premiums.

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Unless you’re using a GPS tracking solution, then you aren’t taking advantage of all the ways GPS tracking can maximize productivity while reducing costs and help you grow your business.

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