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Safe Driving Saves Money! How to Implement a Safe Driving Program with GPS Tracking

Posted by Jen Langan

Your company can save a lot of money by developing a safe driving program combined with GPS tracking. One accident can bring about many costs and hardship due to property loss, payment for damages, legal fees and time away from work for any employees injured in the accident. The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety found that traffic crashes cost employers $47.4 billion a year.

The benefits of a driver safety program are outstanding. After implementing the program, most companies see a dramatic decrease in car accidents only one year later! The minimization of crashes and the associated costs can go right back into your operating budget.

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An effective driver safety program protects your company, your employees and your finances. By creating a driver safety program and implementing our EZFleet solution you can monitor driver behavior, speeding, and potential accidents. 

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Wondering how to implement a driver safety program and EZ Fleet Tracking without your employees feeling like you are micromanaging them?  Start a safe driving reward program.  Our alerts and reports will show you day over day, week over week, and month over month who your safest and least safe drivers are.  At the end of each month hand out a gift card, $10 to $20, to the safest driver and by rewarding good behavior with a little competition you will see changes in all your employees driving.  Not only will it decrease the chances of an accident, but it will save you money on wear and tear on your vehicles by eliminating harsh braking and acceleration, save on gas with better gas mileage, and decrease those calls to your office about your company’s vehicles driving erratically on the road. 

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