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Never Need a Jump Start Again! Get Low Battery Alerts with EZ Fleet Tracking

Posted by Jen Langan

You’ve probably been there before. You turn the key in the ignition, but the car won’t start. It’s dead. Now you have to get a jump start and probably a brand-new battery. If only you had known the battery voltage was getting low, you could have proactively replaced the battery. With EZ Fleet Tracking’s low battery voltage alerts you’ll never have to experience that again. Never again will one of your drivers call you to tell you that the battery in their vehicle has died. Never again will you get behind schedule due to the down time of one of your vehicles because of a dead battery.

With the low battery alert, you’ll receive notification via phone and/or email when the battery voltage of a vehicle remains below the specified threshold for at least 10 hours. You choose the threshold that you want to monitor, and if a vehicle’s battery stays under that voltage for 10 or more hours, you’ll know. You can also track the voltage in the alert history and uncover any vehicles with a continuously low battery voltage.

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Many of our customer with seasonal businesses, such as snow plowing or landscaping, use the low battery voltage alert to monitor their vehicles when they aren’t being used often. With the low battery alert, they can make sure the vehicles with diminishing battery voltage gets driven and charged. Or a vehicle might run an accessory for an extended period of time that is draining the battery.

Any time a vehicle is down you’re losing money. Stay ahead of the necessary maintenance on your vehicles with EZ Fleet GPS and save your money!

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