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Let it Snow! Why Snow Removal Companies Use GPS Tracking

Posted by Jen Langan

Erie, Pennsylvania had record breaking snowfall in December 2017 with over 62.9 inches. But they weren’t the only ones affected by the harsh winter we’ve seen so far compared to previous years. Snow and ice on the ground means snow removal companies have their work cut out for them. We’ve talked to several snow removal companies from the Northeast about the benefits they’ve seen with the EZ Fleet GPS Tracking solution.

A customer in Maine, Seabreeze Property Maintenance, has won many snow plow contracts with the EZ Fleet system. Mostly used for hospitals and retirement communities, this snow removal company stands out above the rest because of their ability to track when the vehicles enter and exit specific landmarks. Not only can a property manager login and see exactly when the snow removal truck came to their site, but they can get alerts sent directly to their phone via text or email. Never again will the property manager have to wonder when the snow will be cleared! Read more about the value of landmarks and their associated alerts and reporting data.

Another company, North Point Holdings, uses the real time mapping to locate their equipment and fleet of vehicles in a storm. Taking advantage of the web-based application, each of their employees have access on their mobile phones so they can monitor equipment locations and act quickly to dispatch the nearest truck. The GPS solution has greatly improved their efficiency!

Beyond landmark alerts, real-time locations and fast dispatching, snow removal companies have also benefitted from GPS Tracking in legal matters. Several customers have saved thousands of dollars in slip and fall litigations. Some companies that plow condominium communities have been blamed for slip and fall cases against the property. By providing the judge with evidence from the GPS system that proved their snow plow trucks entered and exited the specific property, showing breadcrumb trails and the specific time and date, cases have been dismissed with the help of all the data.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of all the ways GPS Tracking can benefit snow removal companies. Contact us today to find out more!

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