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Improve Customer Satisfaction with GPS Fleet Tracking

Posted by Jen Langan

Many companies that buy GPS Tracking Solutions provide a service such as installation, maintenance or repair. We've all been customers of these types of services and we all have experience the 8 hour service window or waiting in frustration when the service technician is late, without any update or notice.

GPS Tracking Solutions can be used to take the frustration out of the service delivery experience and materially improve customers satisfaction. Whether or not you have a full workforce management solution with automated scheduling and dispatch, a GPS tracking solution can improve your customer service across a number of dimensions:

1. Better driver compliance means fewer missed appointments.

GPS tracking solutions typically improve driver compliance to routes and schedules. Therefore it is less likely that a technician will deviate from their assigned schedule and cause a missed or delayed appointment.

2. Dispatch the closest vehicle

Especially in the case of emergency services, knowing the location of your vehicles means you can send the closest vehicle to the job. This also minimizes unproductive travel time and gets the technician to the customer quicker, improving customer satisfaction.

3. Improve scheduling by reacting to unplanned changes

A fixed schedule often creates inefficiency when there are new or cancelled appointments.  With a GPS tracking system, schedules can be updated in real time based on the location of the entire fleet of vehicles. This makes it more likely that the service technician will be able to serve more customers in the day, with fewer frustrated customers waiting for service.

4. Better information to customers

In the past, a customer calling in looking for the status of their service would often have to wait while a dispatcher called the vehicle, determine its location (which was often inaccurate) and calculate the time required to drive to the customer. With GPS tracking and workforce management solutions, ETA can be provided to the customer, automatically with some systems. Customers are always more comfortable waiting if they know how long they have to wait.

GPS fleet tracking is often looked at as a productivity and cost savings tool for owners and fleet managers. But it also can improve customer satisfaction, leading to happier customers, more referrals and higher profits.

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