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Huge Benefits with GPS Tracking for Pool and Spa Companies

Posted by Jen Langan

Pool and spa, construction and service companies using the EZFleet GPS Tracking system consistently enjoy many benefits from using the data it provides including:

  • Verify that each customer maintenance visit (pool cleaning and chemical checks) did in fact occur as scheduled and how long a technician was at said location
  • Increased accuracy and reduction in payroll costs by receiving daily reports for when a technician starts and stops their work day.  Overtime hours are easily verified.
  • Efficient dispatching of a technician for urgent service calls allowing the company to send a technician which is most near that call geographically.
  • By monitoring speeds of their drivers, they are ensuring their drivers and service trucks (which are moving billboards) are safe and courteous drivers in their communities and do not hurt their company’s reputation.
  • EZFleet providers offer reduced “seasonal suspend” monthly rates so that their overall GPS bill can be reduced in the off season months they aren’t being used.

These benefits along with many other features create a “can’t live without” technology that is simple and cost efficient to implement for Pool and Spa Companies!

Topics: Benefits, ROI, Tracking, Customer Satisfaction


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