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How GPS Tracking’s Automated Reports and Alerts Helps you Work Smarter not Harder

Posted by Jen Langan

You might think that getting a GPS tracking solution could require you to hire someone specifically to manage the system. That’s not true! You might think that having a GPS tracking solution will require more time and effort from your current employees. That’s not true! In fact, the whole idea behind EZ Fleet GPS Tracking’s solution is to make things EZ’er for your company so you can work smarter not harder.

Manage Proactively – Automate

Depending on what you need from the solution, with EZ Fleet GPS tracking you can set up your system so you don’t even have to login every day. It only takes a few minutes to initially choose the alerts and reports you want automatically sent to you. After that you can sit back and let the solution do all the work.

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Manage by Exception

Instead of spending time going through all the data from a day, you can manage by exception instead of the rule. Simply establish a series of thresholds specific to what you want to check, choose the frequency of those reports (daily, weekly or monthly), and choose the recipients. If you want to know if a vehicle is being used after hours, set up an automated alert. If you want to know if a driver is idling, set up an automated alert. Then you can call the driver and make sure they turn the engine off. Saving you hundreds on gas!

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By taking advantage of the auto-generated alerts and reports you will see a huge return on your investment. Think of everything you could do with the time and money saved!

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