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GPS Tracking Improves Driver Safety

Posted by Jen Langan

We talk a lot about how GPS tracking increases productivity generally because the people who are thinking of purchasing a system want to know how the initial investment can save them money. So, we spend a lot of time explaining how a GPS tracking system can pay for itself in as little as one month of use through improved productivity, reduced fuel costs and lower insurance rates. But, there are also driver safety impacts that are important.

The first benefit relates to some of the productivity improves we've described in other posts. Specifically, when a driver is aware that they are being tracked, they tend to stay on task and avoid unauthorized travel. It is often that unauthorized travel that creates safety issues as drivers may enter locations that are dangerous for themselves or dangerous for the vehicle.

But even if your drivers have always been very compliant with their routes, the ability to always pinpoint the location of a vehicle can help in the event of breakdown, accidents, health issues or criminal activity.  For example, you can set an alert if the vehicle has been idle for a certain length of time during the workday. If you receive an alert, it might mean that the driver has a health problem or that the vehicle had a breakdown.

The situation might be even more extreme. In 2014 there was a case of a women kidnapped off a street in Philadelphia where she was dragged into a nearby vehicle. The vehicle was purchased from a used car dealership that equipped their vehicles with GPS tracking devices. The kidnapper didn't know that that vehicle had a tracker and the police were able to quickly track the vehicle, arrest the kidnapper and save the woman.

While this is an extreme case, it is easy to see why having round the clock access to location information allows you to ensure the safety of your fleet, and your drivers.


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