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Foil the Thieves! How GPS Tracking Will Protect Your Assets.

Posted by Jen Langan

Not only do you spend a lot of money on your assets, but you rely on your equipment and assets to successfully complete a job. The sad truth is that vehicles, equipment and assets are stolen every day. In 2016, a vehicle was stolen every 45 minutes. Read more here about theft mitigation and recovery for your vehicles.

It’s no surprise that GPS Tracking can help prevent theft and lead to the recovery of your stolen vehicles, but did you know that GPS tracking can do the same for your assets, big or small, powered or non-powered? According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, every year almost $1 billion of construction equipment and assets are stolen. It’s important that you know how you can protect your assets and prevent theft.

Stolen assets can have debilitating effects on your business. You can use GPS Tracking to protect all your assets. In How Does GPS Tracking Work?, you can read more about the details of the technology behind GPS tracking. By having your assets protected with GPS tracking, law enforcement can track down and recover your stolen items much faster. One of the greatest advantages of GPS tracking to protect your assets is how affordable it is. You can monitor your assets at a lower cost than adding other costly security measures such as security cameras, guards and fences.

In addition to adding GPS tracking devices to all your equipment and assets, which also helps with recovery, there are a few other ways to prevent theft. One thing you should do is keep records of all your equipment and assets. Record the expected location of each piece of equipment if its out on a job site as well as up to date inventories that include specific details such as serial number. If something does not have a serial number, consider creating your own identification number. Be mindful of nationwide and local theft trends and determine if there is a specific type of targeted equipment.

In the unfortunate event that equipment or assets go missing, you should be prepared and act fast to try and recover them as soon as possible. Contact the police and report the theft as soon as you know something is missing so that they can begin their search. Share with the police all the information you have from your GPS tracking solution. A good solution should be able to provide at minimum, an unauthorized movement alert which lets you know the asset has been moved either outside of the normal hours, a specified location, or without being connected to power. Additionally, you should be able to ping the asset’s device to determine its location. The device itself should have a back-up internal battery to allow for continuous tracking even if disconnected.

Equipment and assets are costly and invaluable to your company’s productivity. Contact EZ Fleet today to learn how you can start protecting your equipment and assets and prevent theft with any of our low-cost devices specifically designed with your equipment and assets in mind.

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