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Cupid’s Perfect Match: Flowers and GPS Tracking

Posted by Jen Langan

Valentine’s Day means romantic dinners, chocolates and of course flowers. Lots of fresh flower deliveries all across the nation. According to the National Retail Federation, 35% of the projected $19.6 billion dollars spent on Valentine’s day will be spent on flowers. That’s a lot of deliveries! More deliveries occur on Valentine’s Day than any other day throughout the year. With that many deliveries to manage, every florist needs a GPS Tracking solution. Florists + GPS Tracking = Cupid’s Perfect Match!

Florists need GPS Tracking to maximize the number of possible deliveries in the shortest amount of time, which of course means more profits! With GPS Tracking florists can improve the delivery process. With route optimization you can find the fastest way to get the flowers delivered and send the route right to the driver. Every driver can get instant turn-by-turn directions sent straight from the system.

GPS Tracking will not only improve productivity and help deliver more flowers, but it will also improve driver safety. Monitoring driving behavior with GPS Tracking can help drivers recognize potentially dangerous habits they might not have realized they had. Find out more about GPS Tracking and improving driver safety.

GPS Tracking can improve the delivery process and driver safety, increase productivity and even improve customer satisfaction. We all know there are people out there that wait until the last minute to order flowers for Valentine’s Day. If they wait to long, many florists might not have any deliveries available anymore. But with the efficiency provided by GPS Tracking, florists can offer more deliveries which means happier customers. Not only that, they can guarantee the delivery date and give a more accurate delivery window. We know you can improve customer satisfaction with GPS Fleet Tracking.

GPS Tracking can benefit many types of companies, not just florists! Any service that includes delivery, maintenance, repairs, installation and more can reap the benefits of a GPS Tracking Solution. Contact EZ Fleet Tracking today to find out how!

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